$10, $50, $100 or more daily!

Anyone who has ever worked from home wants a simple, easy to understand source of regular, repeat income that comes from just a minute or two each day!

BIDS THAT GIVE (BTG) is a very special opportunity because it was founded on a proven concept, has a great charitable purpose (In fact, the owner has been involved in this charity for 20 years!) and pays members daily for doing nothing more than placing a simple FREE ad online daily.

If you can copy and paste and have 3 minutes a day available you can be paid daily!

What makes BTG so special is your member website—free with your enrollment—is very easy to get around in, BTG does regular conference call updates and records them so you can listen to them anytime, has several sources of income and pays members daily from shared profits!

You have four different levels you can enroll at so just choose the one that fits your budget.

Once you enroll you can then place your daily ad and share in the profits! It doesn’t get much easier.

As you will learn in the informational video you can grow your BTG income by using some of your profits to purchase more bids; it’s that easy!


And, if you invite others to enjoy the great auctions you can watch your daily profits increase!

So, whether you want $10 more each day, $100 more or even $1000 or more, you should get started right away.

Larry Oxenham
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